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Annual Student Competition

The Chicago Flute Club began holding an Annual Student Competition in 1992. In the early years, (1992, 1994-1997), the competition had only one division, open to students high school age or younger. The division of the Student Competition into Junior and Senior divisions commenced in 1998, and another split (Elementary, Junior, and Senior) occurred in 2005. The Senior Division is for students 12th grade or younger, the Junior Division is for students 9th grade or younger, and the Elementary Division is for students 6th grade or younger.


Senior Division

First Prize: Tabitha Mo

2nd Prize: Anna Huelke

3rd Prize: Madasyn Tolbert

Honorable Mention: Chloe Nam, Dominick Travis

Junior Division

First Prize: Hannah Horgan

2nd Prize: Johana Kim

3rd Prize: Emily Xu

Honorable Mention: Joanna Chua, Katherine Xie, Amy Yang

Elementary Division

First Prize: Gabriella Joew

2nd Prize: Ellie Hong

3rd Prize: Lulu Zhang

Honorable Mention: Hayley Kuang


Senior Division

First Prize: Destina Sarussi

2nd Prize: Hannah Oyasu

3rd Prize: Isabel Edgcomb

Honorable Mentions: Ava Rosengren, Anna Huelke, and Karen Kobayashi 

Junior Division

First Prize: Ashley Kim

2nd Prize: Chloe Nam

3rd Prize: Hannah Horgan

Honorable Mentions: Amy Yang and Katherine Xie

Elementary Division

First Prize: Oshmith Roy

2nd Prize: Charlotte Kojis

Third Prize: Lillian Pearson


Senior Division

First Prize: Emily DeNucci

2nd Prize: Destina Sarussi

3rd Prize: Tabitha Mo

Junior Division

First Prize: Charlotte Choi

2nd Prize: Sena Kim

3rd Prize: Ashley Kim

Honorable Mention: Chloe Nam

Elementary Division

First Prize: Emily Xu

2nd Prize: Katherine Xie

Third Prize: Oshmith Roy

Honorable Mentions: Julia Ellis and Hannah Horgan


Elementary Division

First Prize: Jessica Li

Second Prize: Sarah Benaitis

Third Prize: Hannah Horgan

Junior Division

First Prize: Karen Kobayashi

Second Prize: Destina Sarussi

Third Prize: Anna Huelke

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Choi

Senior Division

First Prize: Nikka Gershman-Pepper

Second Prize: Caroline Reynolds

Third Prize: Yaroslav Vodovozov

Honorable Mentions: Hanna Oyasu, Seehanah Tang


Elementary Division

First Place: Karen Kobayashi

Second Place: Chloe Nam

Third Place: Carmen Yanguas

Honorable Mentions: Ashley Kim, Katherine Xie, and Linden Wadsworth

Junior Division

First Place: Claire Kim

Second Place: Hanna Oyasu

Third Place: Grace Choi

Honorable Mentions: Maya Zahir, Trinity Shin, Jillian Kadens, and Shreya Girish

Senior Division

First Place: Natalia Kozintseva

Second Place: Rosie Wang

Third Place: Emily Ruvoli

Honorable Mention: Tony Lu


Elementary Division
First Place: Matthew Leistensnider
Second Place: Stella Moon
Third Place: Linden Wadsworth
Honorable Mentions: Katelyn Shen, Denis Szczech, Nina Zhan

Junior Division
First Place: Joanna Cloe
Second Place: Hanna Oyasu

Third Place: Grace Choi
Honorable Mentions: Renee Zhuang, Rosie Wang

Senior Division
First Place: Holly Venkitaswaran
Second Place: Lydia Walquist
Third Place: Lucy Rubin
Honorable Mentions: Iris Xie, Emily Ruvoli, Serlina Ku

Elementary Division
First Place: Maya Zahir
Second Place: Tabitha Mo
Third Place: Patrick Pura
Honorable Mention: Gauri Venkatraman

Junior Division
First Place:
Emily Ruvoli
Second Place:
Rosie Wang
Third Place:
Iris Xie
Honorable Mention: Hanna Oyasu

Senior Division
First Place: Daniel Lopez
Second Place: Lydia Walquist
Third Place: Ksenia Polyarskaya
Honorable Mention: Evan Curatolo


Elementary Division
First Place: Catherine Brashler
Second Place: Laney Troffler
Third Place: Hanna Oyasu
Honorable Mention: Jessica Hu

Junior Division
First Place:
Natalia Kozintseva
Second Place:
Avra Friedman
Third Place:
Kate Whitney
Honorable Mention: Zoe Kim

Senior Division
First Place: Tessa Vermeulen
Second Place: Jonathan Wu
Third Place: Daniel Lopez
Honorable Mention: Holly Venkitaswaran

Senior Division

First Place: Lizzy O'Brien
Second Place: Julia Cai
Third Place: Ethan Ramaly
Honorable Mention: Nicolas Quero

Junior Division
First Place: Hope Tsai
Second Place: Tessa Chen
Third Place: Elias Nava
Honorable Mention: Emily Luo

Elementary Division
First Place: Nicole Wah
Second Place: Neel Jay
Third Place: Shannen McGinn
Honorable Mention: Rosie Wang

Senior Division
First Place: Megan Torti
Second Place: Samantha White
Third Place: Andrew Santiago
Honorable Mention: Seongbin Koh

Junior Division
First Place: Dean Brady
Second Place: Zoe Kim
Third Place: Audrey Peterson
Honorable Mention: Lydia Walquist

Elementary Division
First Place: Iris Xie
Second Place: Emily Ruvoli
Honorable Mention: Rosie Wang

Senior Division
First Place: Jennifer Yu Wang
Second Place: March Saper
Third Place: Julia Cai
Honorable Mention: Nora Andrews

Junior Division
First Place: Julia Nagel
Second Place: Anna Dai Yao Rhodes
Third Place: Maya Scandinaro
Honorable Mention: Becky Song

Elementary Division
First Place: Tessa Chen
Second Place: Elizabeth Johns
Honorable Mention: Elias Nava

Senior Division
First Place: Severin DuSell
Second Place: Gina Jung
Third Place: Kathryn Chiodo
Honorable Mention: Katie Cheng

Junior Division
First Place: Jennifer Yu Wang
Second Place: Anna Dai Yao Rhodes
Third Place: Megan Torti
Honorable Mention: Fabrice Guyot-Sionnest

Elementary Division
First Place: Natalia Kozintseva
Second Place: Dean Brady
Honorable Mention: Victoria Murphy
Runner up: Golda Grais
Runner up: Zoe Kim

Senior Division
First Place: Melody Chua
Second Place: Severin DuSell
Third Place: Gina Jung
Honorable Mention: Sarah Otmanski

Junior Division
First Place: Gabriela Nisly
Second Place: Allison Milligan
Third Place: Aydan Hensley
Honorable Mention - Joelle Schreiber

Elementary Division
First Place: Jennifer Yu Wang
Second Place: Natalia Kozintseva
Honorable Mention: Sophi Fournier
Runner Up: Victoria Murphy

Senior Division
First Place: Evan Fojtik
Second Place: Melody Chua
Third Place: Sorcha Barr
Honorable Mention - Mary Elizabeth Buckingham

Junior Division
First Place: March Saper
Second Place: Katie Cheng
Third Place: Joelle Schreiber
Honorable Mention - Sarah Morich

Elementary Division
First Place: Anna Dai Yao Rhodes
Second Place: Nicole Daniels
Honorable Mention: Annika Peterson

Senior Division
First Place: Ryan Zerna
Second Place: Sarah Campbell
Third Place: Ted Anton
Honorable Mention: Evan Fojtik

Junior Division
First Place: Kathryn Chiodo
Second Place: Ellyn Butler
Third Place: Eunjung Jessica Lee
Honorable Mention: Karli Goldenberg

Elementary Division
First Place: Grace Tu
Second Place: Ella Witts
Honorable Mentions: Rachel Kwon and Abbey Moore

Senior Division
First Place: Karen Gallant
Second Place: Ryan Zerna
Third Place: Evan Fojtik
Honorable Mention: Ryoh Shinohara

Junior Division
First Place: Sorcha Barr
Second Place: Ellyn Butler
Third Place: Ann Green
Honorable Mention: Allison Hollatz

Elementary Division
First Place: Lauren McAndrews
Second Place: Katherien Sieger
Honorable Mention: Alixandra Shuger
Runner-ups: Miyuki Horii and Aydan Hensley

Senior Division
First Place: Christine Murphy
Second Place: Lauren Barounis
Third Place: Ryan Zerna
Honorable Mention: Karen Gallant
Alternate Finalist: Evan Fojtik

Junior Division
First Place: Emma Stewart
Second Place: Tess Bottorff
Third Place: Jason Leman
Honorable Mention: Elyse Brotzman

Elementary Division
First Place: Alison Rusher
Second Place: Andrea Gomez
Third Place: Tracy Zawrazky

Senior Division
First Place: Matthew Wright
2nd – David Pierringer
3rd – Christine Murphy
Hon. Men. – Ryan Zerna

Junior Division
First Place: Evan Fojtik
Second Place: Kristina Murray
Third Place: Samuel Lai
Honorable Mention: Tess Bottorff

Elementary Division
First Place: Tess Thompson
Second Place: Sunhyeok Kim
Honorable Mention: Lauren McAndrews

Senior Division
First Place: Liz Isenberg
Second Place: Masha Popova
Third Place: Abi Noda
Honorable Mention: Christine Murphy

Junior Division
First Place: Richard Day
Second Place: Ryoh Shinohara
Third Place: Christina Berdirame
Honorable Mention: Kristina Murray

Elementary Division
First Place: Avi Eisenstein
Second Place: Mary Ann McAndrews
Honorable Mention: Colleen McNamara

Senior Division
First Place: Rhiannon Jerch
Second Place: Eva Martinez
Third Place: Masha Popova
Honorable Mention: Jamie Murphy

Junior Division
First Place: Christine Murphy
Second Place: Anne Sawyier
Third Place: Richard Day
Honorable Mention: Bethany Wilson

Senior Division
First Place: Emma Gerstein
Second Place: Lisa Prosniewski
Third Place: Rachel Beetz
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Isenberg
Runner Up: Gail Grana

Junior Division
First Place: Rachel Ordaz
Second Place: Masha Popova
Third Place: Eleanor Kernitz
Honorable Mention: Clair Stingley

Senior Division
First Place: Jessica Moore
Second Place: Leslie Skolnik
Third Place: Margaret Lauer
Honorable Mention: Abraham Noda

Junior Division
First Place: Eva Martinez
Second Place: Kristen Predl
Third Place (tie): Elizabeth Park, Meagan Roloff
Honorable Mention (tie): Esther Harris, Cathy Cummings

Senior Division
First Place: Amy Mosher
Second Place: Leslie Skolnik
Third Place: Jaclyn Italia
Honorable Mention: Christopher Fadrowski

Junior Division
First Place: Abraham Noda
Second Place: Eva Martinez
Honorable Mention: Anne Strother

Senior Division
First Place: Jessica Schmitz
Second Place: Jennifer Nelson
Third Place: Catherine Shapiro

Junior Division
First Place: Christopher Fadrowski
Second Place: Abraham Noda
Third Place: Prya Srikanth

Senior Division
First Place: Heather Anderson
Second Place: Jennifer Nelson
Third Place: Eli Margulies

Junior Division
First Place: Regina Muscarello
Second Place: Christopher Fadrowski
Third Place: Margaret Lauer

Senior Division
First Place: Laura Sundin
Second Place: Irene Hsieh
Third (tie) – Jessica Schmitz, Stacey Hemmingway

Junior Division
First Place: Eunice Ahn
Second Place: Jaclyn Italia
Third Place: Jennifer Nelson

First Place: Katrina Walter
Second Place: Sarah Bauer
Third Place: Adrienne Peterson

First Place: Natalie Zimmerman
Second Place: Hillary Nelson
Third Place: Adrienne Peterson

First Place: Amy Kemp
Second Place: Kathleen Cirese
Third Place: Monika Smid

First Place: Gabrielle Baker
Second Place: Elizabeth Phelps
Third Place: Monica Williams

First Place: Mike Kim
Second Place: Katherine Naftzger
Third Place (tie): Simone Hall, Monica Williams

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